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Clients are living longer - Something to think about...

Funeral Trusts and/or Family Estate Trusts

Protect your clients

Sometimes Nursing Homes are unavoidable.
Clients might think it can't happen to them...
At least 70% of people over age 65 will require some long-term care, Of those who need long-term care, 40% are under age 65!
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Costs are sky-rocketing!
The average cost in our area (Chicagoland) is over $46,000 for Home Health Care and over $65,000 for Nursing Home care a year!!

Prepare your clients for these costs.

Nobody wants to go broke or leave their families the burden of the costs associated with going into a Nursing Home!

Then Funeral and/or Estate Trusts might be the answer for pre-planning or even critical planning!

What are the Benefits of Funeral Trusts?
  1. It protects funds for the final expenses!
  2. It eliminates family struggles over what the deceased wants!
  3. Funerals will be conducted according to your wishes- but you are not tied to any funeral home.
  4. The money is tax free to the Beneficiary and is paid within 48 hours!

What are the Benefits of Estate Trusts?
  1. Protects money from nursing homes, from $1,000-$50,000. Money that can be passed on to the family
  2. Trusts-Avoids Probate
  3. Medicaid Exempt - 60 month rule applies
  4. The money goes tax-free to the beneficiary(ies)

To reposition a taxable asset into a life insurance plan is just smart business.
Life insurance is more affordable!

Call us to discuss the best option for your specific client but also for contracting and current marketing materials.

Pre-planning and crtical planning are good for your clients and for you!
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We also have annuities with LTC Liquidity!

Ask us about:

  • Mutual of Omaha
    • (A+ Rating)
    • The Living Care Annuity with the LTC Rider
    • $5,000 min., Ages 40-79, NTQ $ only
    • Guaranteed 3x annuity value paid out over at least 6 years-Must be inforce for at least 2 years.
    • 90 day elimination period.
  • NWL
    • (A Excellent Rating)
    • Lifetime Returns EIUL
    • Issue ages 20-85
    • LTC benefits paid out of death benefi
  • Protect your liability by offering MORE than annuities!

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